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Got questions? We've got you!

Never Quit is beyond a training philosophy. It's a community driven, results based and tested program. We have been at the forefront of group training for the past decade, with thousands of participants trusting us to coach and deliver outstanding results. This is a journey you don’t have to go on alone, we are fitter together. 

Now we have the opportunity for a greater reach to help others in their training with our new NEVER QUIT TRAINING app. No matter where you are in the world, you can train the NEVER QUIT way.

SHRED is a great foundational program that will allow you to develop a base of functional strength, fitness and is perfect if you want to lean up.

BUILD is great for those who want to lift, get stronger and pack on muscle while maintaining a base of functional fitness.

This program combines Functional Strength, Conditioning and Targeted Resistance Training to deliver a challenging and effective workout.

  • Functional Strength is full body, usable strength that allows for a higher work rate and is rewarded with efficiency.
  • Conditioning will improve your stamina, cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance and ability to express strength over longer periods of time.
  • Targeted resistance is designed to isolate and strengthen key muscles, armor the body and enhance aesthetics…look good. 

We have seen hundreds of participants develop increased levels of fitness along with a lean & athletic physique when paired with quality nutrition.

Workout Duration: 45-60 min
Expected Energy Expenditure: 600-800 Calories
Equipment requirements: Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Pull-up bar, Assault Bike, Row Erg and Ski Erg
Experience: Beginner to Advanced 
Days per week: 5-6 depending on the training block. *Note some individuals see great benefits from 3 days per week if you struggle with a limited time budget.

SHRED Program includes:

  • Mobility Warm-up
  • Functional Strength progressions
  • Energy system development
  • Effective conditioning routines
  • Accessory work to maximise aesthetics
  • 3 Week Periodised Training Blocks
  • End of training cycle testing (See your improvements)
  • Stretch cool downs
  • Coach Support in the forum section (let us see you move so we can help you get better)

BUILD is our staple Strength & Hypertrophy program. If your goal is to get stronger and gain lean muscle all with a hint of functional fitness this program is for you. Tried and tested over the past decade, we combine principle based training with proven methods. 

Different from most muscle building programs we ensure you stay healthy and well rounded with your fitness by including daily “Finishers”, Aerobic Training & GPP (General Physical Preparedness) to ensure you look, feel and perform your BEST.

BUILD Program includes:

  • Prep: Prehab movements to offset injury and have you performing well in the workout ahead.
  • Strength: Use the most reliable tool known for packing on strength AKA the barbell. 3 week periodised progressions.
  • Accessory work: Pack on muscle, sculpt your body and prevent injury with accessory training.
  • Finishers: Develop your Anaerobic system with short intense bursts of output to complete your workout.
  • Bonus training days that emphasise mobility & GPP work.
  • Coach Support in the forum section (Let us help you maximise results by doing form checks)

Workout Duration: 45-60 min
Equipment requirements: Barbell, Bench, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Pull-up bar, Assault Bike, Row Erg and Ski Erg
Experience: Beginner to Advanced 
Days per week: 5-6 depending on the training block

You can combine the 2 programs for a Hybrid Style approach to training. This is called a concurrent training model where one day you focus on strength and the other you emphasise cardio. We can provide you with our most popular templates for this approach.

Our SHRED and BUILD programs are ongoing so that you never have to repeat a training session and continue to progress. Once you join up to a program you will start at Day 1 Session 1.

To maximise results you should commit to a full 12 week training cycle. This will allow steady and progressive adaptations in the program. We do our best to vary the workouts to keep you engaged but not too much so that you don’t steer away from sound training principles. 

The demands of the workout should be met with quality nutrition to maximise results.

SHRED: $28 per month

BUILD: $28 per month

Want SHRED & BUILD Combo? We will have a launch offer: Buy 1 program and get 50% OFF your 2nd program.

Our programs are billed monthly per program. No contract. Cancel anytime.