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Come experience a new level of fun, results-based training along with the Never Quit community vibe and see why everyone is talking about Never Quit. 

With our dual classes to customise training to suit your goals, progressing and reaching them has never been easier.



Voted gold coasts #1 gym!

Combining the best training principles with results-based training attitudes and philosophies. NQ encompasses our mission set out to assist and support anyone wanting to Look – Feel - Perform better.

- The benefits of personal training without the price tag.

- A tight knit community of like minded people.

- Convenient membership fees that wont break the bank.

- Training is always different; NEVER get bored.

- Make friends while you train with our community. Have fun at our NQ social events.

- Train when you want with our assorted class times. 

- Real coaches specialising in getting you real results.

- Training, health, nutrition and mindset advice.

- Conveniently located in Bundall, the heart of Gold Coast.

- One on one assessments; no big corporate gym jargon.



Experience the Never Quit training

Unlimited Membership

$55 per week

10x class gym pass



Our main classes are divided into 2 sectors; SHRED & BUILD. This allows each individual to complete a more tailored workout that will give them the results they are after. If you want to lose body fat, tone up, improve your high intensity fitness levels, the SHRED class is ideal for you. If you want to lift heavier, build lean muscle and gain healthy body mass, BUILD class is perfect for you.  A lot of our members (both male and female) like to do both styles of classes every week to maximise their workout results.

Our trainers are continually developing their qualifications so they can continually deliver Never Quitters a diverse range of workouts.
This way you’re always working on new skills and you never get bored with the same old workouts day to day.

We are advocates for warming up and cooling down to prevent injury in all classes we run.


A cutting edge program with movements designed to get you as lean as possible. We use HIRT (High Intensity Resistance Training) which blends the best of resistance training and high intensity cardio for one action packed workout.

Runtime: 1 Hour
(including warm up & down)


A program tested for nearly a decade to help produce results for those looking to build lean and functional muscle. With a blend of body weight and weight resistance exercises, you’ll be sure to work up a sweat and build some muscle!!

Runtime: 1 Hour
(including warm up & down)


Come develop your core, strengthen your abs and lower back in this unique but effective session that will help reduce injury and burn those stomach muscles.

Runtime: 1 Hour
(including warm up & down)


A complete fitness program to get you in the best shape possible. A workout solution for the modern person focusing on strength, flexibility, high intensity cardio and progressing every session.

Runtime: 1 Hour
(including warm up & down)

Prefer a ONE on ONE training session?


We have a variety of skilled coaches to choose from. Our one on one PT sessions can suit any level of fitness and will be tailored to suit you and your goals. Check out MEET THE TEAM to get to know our energetic coaches. One on One PT sessions start from $80.

Book in your PT session today:


NOTE:Please arrive at gym at least 5 minutes before class start time to check in and be ready to begin class workout.

BRING TO CLASS: Towel, drink to keep hydrated and the attitude to push yourself!

Every day we focus on a different part of the body. No day has the same workout to keep it fun with your mind and body always interested and NEVER bored.
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To find out more about each class type (SHRED, BUILD & Saturday's TEAMS) click here.

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