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$0.99 AUD per day

($13.86 renewed fortnightly)

Ever wonder what it takes to get fitness results from your living room?

How can you push hard with minimal equipment and only $0.99 a day?
Look no further, the NQ AT HOME WORKOUT SERIES is an effective approach that brings the fun and intensity to you!

  • Follow along classes.
  • Suited for beginners to experienced.
  • Have the intensity of NQ coaches pushing you through each workout.
  • Progressions and regressions of each exercise.
  • Body sculpting sets.
  • HIIT Cardio.
  • At home muscle building.
  • Stay fit while at home.
Try our popular and proven results classes, whenever and wherever. Join in on the fun of fitness and sweat it out together even if apart.


· Access to the renowned NQ class workout videos, where you follow along with the NQ coaches every step of the way!

· Workouts you can do anywhere, all you need is your phone, tablet or computer and resistance bands!

· Get professional advise throughout the workouts from the NQ coaches as they take you through the class. This helps improve your technique and boosts results.

· Access to the exclusive online NQ community. Chat to the coaches, meet other NQers.


Equipment needed: Resistance Bands. We recommend ALPHAFIT.

! Purchase this AT HOME WORKOUT SERIES and get 10% OFF ALPHAFIT resistance band pack, exclusive to NQ!Discount link will be accessible after check out.

This program is a recurring subscription. Payment will be debited fortnightly from the date of your purchase.


- Train in the convenience of your own home

- Have the flexibility of working out wherever and whenever

- Build peak levels of fitness with minimal equipment

- Join the coaches in real time to get better results


Follow along to one of our AT HOME WORKOUT SERIESvideos below to get a taste of what our members are loving and keeping them fit when at home!

Danielle B.

“During isolation I relied on NQ At HomeWorkouts to keep me fit and to stay sane! I woke up and followed the workout every morning as if I was going to a gym class. The workouts believe it or not were a killer and I found myself just as sore sometimes than if I was going to the gym. The NQ coaches kept me motivated throughout the sessions and having them working out along with me really helped. It almost felt like I was in the gym and it was nice to have a little giggle along with them! I managed to maintain my fitness and shape during isolation thanks to the help of NQ At Home Workouts!”

Tracey M.

“I'm loving the NQ At Home Workouts!! I really like the freedom it is giving me especially if I have the kids around, they can just come and hang outside with me while I do my workout!! Also I can't believe how much of a sweat I can get with very little equipment!!”

Sarah B.

“I would have to say that NQ’s AT HOME WORKOUT SERIES were a saving grace while stuck at home. The workouts were something I could do daily at my own leisure. Every workout was paced at a level that anyone could do. It was appropriate for all levels of fitness. ( I even had my Mum join me at times).­­ I found that, I not only maintained my fitness, but I was able to increase my weights and cardio level when the gym re-opened. I’m so grateful for this NQ program and would recommend anyone to give it a go if wanting to keep fit but unable to go to the gym.”

Kelly A.

"I follow the workouts every day, 5 days a week. These workouts are fast and effective. They are all about 30 minutes long which means I can bust one out between zoom meetings (yep, still working from home)! I LOVE the challenge of keeping up with these “young guns” and often challenge myself to beat them in reps plus they make these workouts FUN! What I really love about this program is with every workout they demonstrate a modified or “easier” version. I have some physical limitations and I have no problem adapting the workout if I need to. Doing this program I’m down almost 10 lbs and I feel awesome!! I love my daily workouts with my bands! Who knew they could be so effective?"

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