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Beyond having 2 custom design bathrooms with 2 showers & 2x toilets, there is a cafe quality coffee machine, healthy ready to eat meals, supplement store, plentiful car parking, dog parking and professional sports therapy treatment rooms.

Yes we sure do! We have 1x free trial class pass for you to experience the Never Quit style of training and community. To book a free trial click here to go to locations page and follow to links.

We offer various commitment levels of memberships to suit any fitness goal and lifestyle:

UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIP: Our most popular, which allows you to join in as many classes as you want every week. This is a commitment of 30 day contract, if you wish to cancel we just require 30 days notice via email.

10 CLASS PASS: Book into 10x classes of your choice. Valid for 6 months. Non refundable.

5 CLASS PASS: Book into 5x classes of your choice. Valid for 6 months. Non refundable.

1 CLASS PASS DROP IN: Book into 1x class of your choice. Non refundable.

Our gyms are located in Bundall & Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast. Click here to check out location options and find out more.

We have 8 class times over the week days, that split into our signature dual classes (SHRED / BUILD / GLUTES). We also have our TEAMS class on Saturday mornings that are a great way to start your weekend right with a hyped up team morale and energy.

Click here to find out more.

Yes, we have the option of a dual membership if you would like the flexibility to train at multiple Never Quit gyms. This is only available with the UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIP. To purchase please email your gym location to get this set up for you.

Click to for contact details.

Please email your gym location to process your cancellation.

Click to for contact details.

If you wish to stop your contract we require 30 days notice via email. 

No, we do not offer open gym access. Training at Never Quit is under the guidance of our quality coaches either in classes or 1 on 1 Personal Training session.

Yes we sure can! We have an extensive team of Coaches that offer 1x1 personal training and nutrition support. 

To enquire about personal training please fill the contact form located on the gym locations page:

Never Quit Bundall Gym

Never Quit Burleigh Gym

Yes, but providing it is in the quieter class times, such as 8am, 9:30am and 3:30pm. We do not have creche or child minding services, they will be under your supervision while they are at Never Quit. We have plenty of space for kids to chill out, many parents park their pram near them while they train while they work on themselves.

We recommend contacting the gym directly prior to booking into a class to notify them that you will be coming in with a child/children.

Never Quit Bundall Gym

Never Quit Burleigh Gym

We have had first timers to seasoned trainees, scalable programming and knowledgeable coaches allow for any fitness level.

There are 3 main ways to structure your training at NQ: 

BUILD exclusively: 
Train to get stronger and build muscle 5 x per week, daily finishers included to keep a base of conditioning 

SHRED exclusively: 
Get fit, get lean and build functional capacity. A mixture of conditioning and strength. Strength tools include KB, DB, Sandbags and body weight training mixed with Ergs 

SHRED + BUILD mixed days: 
Follow this concurrent model for well rounded fitness. Here are some of our more popular mixed templates. 

Sample Male structure: 

Sample Female structure: 

This is a technical way of saying “Planned training”. From the sets, reps, rest intervals and more we carefully plan to sync days into weeks and weeks into months of productive training.

Results are a product of training, nutrition and lifestyle. The variables in the gym that you control is effort. It’s a combination of effort and technique across movements that will allow you to succeed in the gym.

We have a 30 day contract on our UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIP. If you wish to stop your contract we require 30 days notice via email. To email for cancelling go to the contact page and email your gym location directly for them to process cancellation.

Click here to contact your gym.

Reload is a movement based recovery approach we utilise after a demanding training program. It allows us to solidly adapt from the previous block and have you ready to take on a new phase. 



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