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Sports Therapy Clinic

To feel your best your body needs to be as mechanically sound as possible. 

At NQ RESTORE we provide various services to aid recovery and rehabilitation. 



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Foleys Body Clinic

Craig Foley

Craig uses many different methods of treatment to best suit each individual patients needs including deep tissue therapy, trigger point therapy, dry needling, cupping plus strength and rehabilitation programming. Keeping your body operating to best of its ability is the best way to prevent injury and remain pain free while also continuing to improve your training results week in week out.

As well as his muscular therapy work Craig is one of the Never Quit trainers which gives him a great insight into what type of training you are involved in as well how to keep you training to your maximum potential in class or with your P.T. while you are working through any injuries or restrictions.

As a remedial sports therapist I always look at treatment as a part of your training program, it’s not an extra it is the best way to find improvement in your body and your training.

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