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    Are you low on energy and find it hard to stop eating treats and sugars?
    Do you need help to lose some body fat and water retention?
    Do you struggle to sleep?
    Do you eat junk and drink often and just need a DETOX!?
    This is a comprehensive and easy to follow plan to make low carb meals that tastes great plus nourishing to give you the energy boost and cleanse you want.



    • A comprehensive, easy meal plan ebook for you to follow
    • How to build a low carb detox meal that actually tastes good
    • Strategies to thrive on your low carbs
    • 2 HUGE carb detox secrets for success



    • You find it hard to stop eating treats and sugars
    • You get cravings mid-afternoon due to low energy
    • You suffer from bloating and water retention
    • You have been tried everything but nothing has worked
    • You suffer from inflammation and pain
    • You find it hard to sleep
    • You want to break through your plateau
    • You are needing help to kick start losing weight
    • You eat junk and drink often and you NEED a detox! 
    • You finally realised you can't "out train" a bad diet



    • Wake up with more energy
    • May help improve sleep
    • Reduced sugar cravings
    • Have a huge mental clarity boost
    • Assist to get rid of bloating and water retention
    • Help reduce pain by reducing inflammation


    I know there’s so much confusion around eating carbs 🥖🍠 if they’re beneficial or making you gain fat! After coaching people on nutrition for years and years I do know one thing. 

    To lose fat as fast as possible you need to get what’s called “Insulin sensitive” it’s a big word that simply means your body’s ability to use carbs for energy rather than store them as fat.

    Over time we can lose this insulin sensitivity due to the large amount of carbs in our diets. 

    One of the best ways to RESET this is a lower carb phase for 7 days. 

    I see 99% of people doing lower carbs wrong, this is a great chance to gain access to a full 7-day plan with the exact tips I use to get the best results possible.



      "I’ve lost 25kg, gained 5kg in muscle and nearly doubling my strength and fitness levels doing the SHRED program, and keen to keep going!

      Never Quit is a fun, friendly and positive place to train making great friends along the way.

      If you’re looking to smash your personal goals, Never Quit is for
      you. The knowledge of all the coaches and the bond between all of the
      legends that go to the gym is incredible.
      I’m proud to be a member of NQ, and I look forward to smashing more goals over the coming years.”

      David B.
      SHRED Program

      "It's so amazing what the human body can do in just 12 weeks!
      I started training again at Never Quit after having some time off after I had my second baby, I dived straight back in and did the SHRED program.
      NQ has reignited the love I have for training and made me remember how awesome I feel and how much more energy I have when I train regularly and eat healthy. I lost 8 kilos of fat and put on over a kilo of muscle and lost nearly 10% of my body fat. I'm really stoked with what I've done so far and NQ has given me the motivation to keep on going!!"

      Tracey M.
      SHRED Program

      "Following the Never Quit workouts with the positive encouragement of the NQ coaches I've got my health and fitness back! Age has no limits and I'm proof of that. Make the commitment to get healthy and happier, I know I am."

      Phil W.
      BUILD & SHRED Program

      "I was so nervous as I knew my fitness level wasn’t great, but was convinced to do the SHRED program. Thank goodness I did!

      Through my Never Quit journey I have lost 10.2kg. I now know and can use the foundations they have taught me to further improve my life and the lives of my family and friends around me. I know that I wouldn't have achieved the level of not only physical fitness but mental wellness I have without  Never Quit, and would've still been caught in a slump."

      Brittany V.
      SHRED Program

      "My health and fitness journey at Never Quit has been about so much more than just weight loss. While it’s incredible to have lost 11 kilos and kept them off, it’s also been awesome to see my blood pressure return to normal, my resting heart rate now at the bottom end of the normal range, my strength, endurance and lean muscle mass increase, my body fat decrease, my flexibility improve and with my increased core strength my back problems have entirely disappeared.

      I think most importantly, since training at Never Quit my mental health is the strongest it has ever been and I am the happiest I have been in my entire life :)"

      Emily S.
      SHRED Program

      Never Quit is a perfect place for every level of fitness. When I started at NQ I’d never lifted a weight in my life. I was skinny and I wanted to put on a bit of size. For the first few weeks the trainers helped me with techniques and any questions I had about diet or supplements. They helped me in a safe and encouraging way to achieve my goals.

      The NQ programs produce results. Whether you want to lose body fat or put on lean muscle these programs will do exactly that. A tested and proven meal plan along with unwavering motivation during tough training sessions helped me to achieve something I certainly couldn’t on my own.’ Gained 9kg lean muscle.

      Elliot B.
      BUILD Program

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