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    Are you low on energy and find it hard to stop eating treats and sugars? Do you want to lose some body fat and water retention? Do you struggle to sleep? Do you eat junk and drink often and just need a DETOX!? This is a comprehensive and easy to follow plan to make low carb meals that tastes great plus nourishing to give you the energy boost and cleanse you want.

      Unlock all the benefits of the 7 day Carb detox

      A simplified guide designed to help you feel great, get lean and kick-start your health.

      Low carbs can be confusing, let us teach how to correctly approach this style of eating. With an emphasise on REAL food we created a plan to help with bloating and stubborn fat that's got you covered. 

      This plan is based on eating REAL food, to help with bloating and stubborn fat, improving gut health, re-sensitising insulin receptors and ultimately priming your body to USE carbohydrates better when you re introduce them.

      The eating plan is comprehensive and easy for you to follow. It exaplains how to build a low carb detox meal that actually tastes good.



      Start your Detox today!

      Who is this plan for?

      - This plan is suitable if you’ve got a holiday deadline and want to eat clean before you go! 

      - For those who just came back from an indulgent holiday who want to kick-start healthier results 

      - Perfect if you need to be disciplined with food and kick-start fat loss 

      - If food weighs you down and you eat too many carbs 

      - Want to boost energy 

      - Feel light and refreshed! 

      The results you can acheive:

      - Wake up with more energy

      - Lose up to 2 - 5kg/week

      - Improve sleep

      - Reduce sugar cravings

      - Improve mental clarity boost

      - Help get rid of bloating and water retention

      - Assist in reducing pain by decreasing inflammation within the body


      - Structured meal plan

      - Flexible food options

      - Tips to maximise your results in 7 days

      - Supplement recommendations

      - Access to the exclusive online support and the NQ community. Chat to the coaches, meet other NQers.

       Time frame: 7 days


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