Why do you feel amazing when you train?

Besides the fact that you become stronger, healthier and feel more confident!

Well a huge effect of exercise is the positive benefits it has on the brain.


You've probably heard the word endorphin before?

Am I right?

This is a very ADDICTING part of exercise… Endorphins are chemicals produced in your brain that send signals throughout your body. There are roughly 20 known endorphins which can be found in the pituitary gland and parts of the brain!


Why do they exist?  
They work like drugs to mask physical pain… Have you ever laughed so hard it hurts? Well convulsing your organs is actually uncomfortable believe it or not (that's what your doing when you laugh uncontrollably) luckily endorphins come in and block the pain for the most part, then leave you with a mild feeling of euphoria. 


Damn endorphins rock! What else are they good for?

Well my friend they don't just block pain and lead to feelings of euphoria but they also regulate appetite, help with immune function and release androgens, aka sex hormones. 

You've probably experienced a blast of them on a run at some stage, during a workout or when you laughed so hard food came flying out of your mouth. Endorphins are a natural high which can be felt by anyone willing to put in a little hard work!

An intense NQ Shred workout really does it for me, during these challenging sessions I will experience multiple bursts of feel good brain chemicals! 

Along with endorphins your brain will make you feel happy with the production of serotonin and focused from the release of dopamine! 

So let's all get a little high on exercise! 

Visit your local endorphin dealer today ;)


Ian D'Andrade

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