Nutrition on the go! A simple solution

Nutrition on the go! A simple solution

When it comes to getting outstanding results with your fitness goals there are 3 areas we want to focus on!

These 3 areas work synergistically to create big changes with not only our health but our bodies as well. 

  1. Training 
  2. Nutrition 
  3. Lifestyle 

Sometimes we feel like we’re doing all the right things in the gym, training hard and putting in as much effort as possible. 

Yet the changes feel slower than what we would like. 

If this is the case, typically we shift our focus to nutrition and lifestyle to break through a body composition plateau! 


This brings us to the topic of today’s blog…



After working with over 1000 people over the year’s this can typically be the most challenging area to make changes.



Day to day life can feel ridiculously busy most of the time. Between work, family and making time to socialise the thought of prepping food seems overwhelming. 

Not only spending time on grocery shopping and in the kitchen to prepare the food, but figuring out what to eat in order to hit your goals, it becomes challenging.


Navigating Fat Loss 

If you have gone through any of our digital nutrition guides you know there are two points of focus when it comes to losing the unwanted weight!


1. Quality food choices 

The majority of our calories should come from minimally processed proteins, carbohydrates and fat’s. Unprocessed foods not only provide more vitamins and minerals but importantly help regulate our appetite which is important when trying to achieve a calorie deficit! 


2. Quantity  

Advances in nutritional sciences clearly state that even if the food is healthy that if we eat too many calories we won’t lose weight, the fact is we will have to practice portion control when it comes to getting lean. In simple terms, if we are consuming more calories than we are burning, weight loss won’t happen. 


That being said we want to emphasise high quality calories to efficiently lose weight and feel our best day to day! 


How can we both achieve quality and quantity in the most convenient way? One that doesn’t require us to take up new habits like weighing food, culinary skills and hours in the kitchen to prepare our food?


Our latest addition the NQ nutrition services does just that!


MY MUSCLE CHEF create well balanced macronutrient meals that list the calories, protein, carbs and fats to propel you towards your goals.


The best thing is, they taste amazing and will save you a ton of time when it comes to having healthy food easily accessible. 




Here is an example of how I have been structuring my diet for my current fat loss phase while integrating MMC:


Upon waking: 

  • 500ml Water 
  • 3g Carnatine RX + 5g creatine 



  • Black coffee 
  • 4 egg’s + 2 Handfuls of spinach cooked in a dash of organic butter 


  • 500ml-1L water between meals 



  • My muscle chef meal. Usually crumbed chicken and potatoes or smoked bbq brisket 


Post workout: 

  • 40g Hydrolysed WPI 
  • 40g fast digesting carbs 



  • My muscle chef meal. Chicken pesto (tastes amazing) or Salmon risotto 


Pre bed: 

  • Zinc + magnesium 


Some days if I have time and want spend more time in the kitchen I will prepare my own food! From a flexibility standpoint having 2 of the MMC meals per day seems to suit my busy schedule and keep me on track when getting lean. 


For those who track calories via my fitness pal, all meals can be scanned and directly logged! 


If you’re looking to build muscle and add in some higher calorie meals we also stock those options at reception.


If you have any question’s don’t hesitate to reach out or ask any of the coaches at the gym! 


MY MUSCLE CHEF meals are stocked and available at NQ gym reception now!


Have a healthy, fit and fantastic day.


Coach Ian

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